Innovation Center and Career Fair (ICCF)

At SuSIE, innovative junior clinicians and scientists get the possibility to meet with senior researchers and representatives of scientific consortia and imaging industry to:

  • discuss questions and challenges around the topics imaging in epilepsy, epilepsy surgery and tele-medicine
  • present their own research project or ideas and discuss own research projects or ideas
  • inquire about funding possibilities
  • look for positions in hospitals, scientific institutes or industry

The SuSIE-ICCF is open Monday, 26th to Wednesday, 28th of August, 9-17h.

The Innovation Center addresses various topics at different half-days.

Topics at the SuSIE-ICCF:

Tuesday Motor Prosthesis/Brain Computer Interface Development with the help of invasive EEG (Klaeslab)
Wednesday Applied research in telemedicine - digital communication for effective cooperation

At the Career Fair, placards of potential employers will be displayed throughout.

Access to the SuSIE-ICCF is free of charge for all. For more information please contact: