SuSIE Marketspace

The SuSIE is a meeting point for users, developers and providers of imaging solutions. Professionals which are about to decide for a new MRI or EEG system, for postprocessing software or neuronavigation solutions can meet providers here and learn about the integration of the products in the epileptological and neurosurgical work-flow. Also finalizing contracts is possible.

The following formats are available for partners and sponsors of the SuSIE:

Workshops (labeled as sponsored session): 3h workshop with up to 20 participants held by a specialist in the field, hands-on as much as possible.

Application trainings: Sessions of 3 to 9h duration, provided either by the developers of non-commercial software solutions or by commercial providers of imaging soft- or hardware.

SuSIE-Forum: Casual venue on Monday evening after the key-note lecture. Meeting tables are assigned to different topics to facilitate a vivid exchange of experiences and suggestions.

SuSIE-brain suite: Based on case scenarios, the practical integration of specific imaging soft- and hardware solutions of SuSIE sponsors into the process of presurgical work-up and epilepsy surgery is demonstrated.

Exhibition: Booth exhibition of sponsors for providing information about epilepsy-specific hard- and software solutions.

SuSIE symposium: Parallel to the work-shops on Tuesday and Wednesday, the lecture hall can be used for topic related symposia

SuSIE office space: Offices of 13m² to 32m² can be booked for the duration of the SuSIE for undisturbed communication and negotiations with SuSIE participants or your customers.