Program SuSIE 2018

Sunday - August 12th
14:00 h Scientific satellite workshop 1: MRI coil and sequence development (4h)
H. Kugel, Münster, B. Keil, Gießen, R. Deichmann View Details
14:00 h Scientific satellite workshop 2: Connectivity analysis in epilepsy (4h)
C. Vollmar, München View Details
14:00 h Brainlab Elements satellite workshop on functional planning for epilepsy procedures (4h)
Brainlab View Details
18:00 h Get together
19:30 h Dinner
Monday - August 13th
09:00 h Welcome and organization remarks
S. Knake, Marburg, J. Wellmer, Bochum
09:30 h Epilepsy specific MRI protocols
J. Wellmer, Bochum
10:00 h Creating a clinical focus hypothesis from seizure semiology and EEG
J. Wellmer, Bochum
10:30 h Strategies to read MRI for detecting epileptogenic lesions
S. Knake, Marburg
11:00 h The spectrum of epileptogenic lesions – a systematic approach
F. Wörmann, Bielefeld
11:30 h Coffee break
11:45 h Computer assisted MRI evaluation for identifying epileptogenic lesions
H.-J. Huppertz, Zürich
12:15 h Ultra-high field MRI: A new opportunity in neurological imaging!
R. Heidemann, Erlangen
12:45 h DTI fiber tracking and microstructural tissue analysis
M. Belke, Düsseldorf
13:15 h Lunch
14:00 h PET and SPECT
T. von Oertzen, Linz
14:30 h EEG- and MEG based electrical source analysis
S. Rampp, Erlangen
15:00 h fMRI, MEG, fTCD and co for language lageralization and localization
K. Menzler, Marburg
15:30 h Connectivity analysis in epileptology
C. Vollmar, München
16:00 h Coffee break
16:30 h Decision making in epilepsy surgery
J. Wellmer, Bochum
17:00 h Multimodal image coregistration
M. Bopp, Marburg
17:30 h Intraoperaitve imaging and neuronavigation
B. Carl, Marburg
18:00 h Break
19:30 h Welcome Dinner with key note lecture: - Do fMRI, DTI-fiber tracking and co tell us the truth? Lessons from direct electrostimulation mapping of the brain.
Hugues Duffau, Montpellier
21:00 h The SuSIE Forum: Table 1: MRI in countries of restricted resources; Table 2: Source localization; Table 3: MAP; Table 4: Connectivity analysis; Table 5: Brainlab
Tuesday - August 14th

Hands-on sessions and workshops are categorized into:

  • ●○○ = basic
  • ●●○ = advanced
  • ●●● = high level
Session 3: Hands-on sessions and workshops
09:00 h A (●○○) B (●○○) C (●●○) D (●○○)
  Language lateralization and localization (including fMRI, Wada fTCD , rTMS, electrical stimulation mapping)
K. Menzler, A. Hermsen, K. Krause
Neurosurgeons' session: Transfer of different imaging modalities into neuronavigation
B. Carl, Y. Parpaley
The MAP-hub: morphometric and volumetric analysis - module 1 1
H.-J. Huppertz, P. House
Epilog: Automated EEG source imaging in clinical routine: usability and interpretation 2
G. Strobbe
12:00 h SuSIE Brain Suite – workflow in epilepsy surgery
T. Wehner
13:00 h Lunch
Session 4: Hands-on sessions and workshops
14:00 h E (●○○) F (●●○) G (●●○) H (●●○)
  Indication, application, processing and interpretation of PET and SPECT
T. Oertzen, S. Katletz
Neurosurgeons' session: stereotactic epilepsy surgery - from implantation to coagulation
B. Carl, Y. Parpaley
The MAP-hub: morphometric and volumetric analysis - module 2 1
H.-J. Huppertz, P. House
BESA: EEG and MEG based electrical source analysis, module 1 3
A. Ebert, S. Rampp
17:30 h Social evening - Guided tour through medieval Marburg, dinner
Meet the Industry
Application of imaging in epilepsy is not possible without the providers of imaging solutions. On Monday and Tuesday you can meet representatives of the SuSIE sponsors. Visit our “SuSIE Brain Suite” on Tuesday, 12:00h in which the presurgical work-flow is demonstrated based on case studies - from MRI and EEG acquisition, via EEG/MEG based source and connectivity analysis to stereotactic neurosurgery and neuronavigation. The 2018 SuSIE Brain Suite is supported by Siemens, Natus, BESA and Brainlab. Meet also Epilog, Philips Neuro (= Electrical Geodesics Inc., EGI), LivaNova, UCB, Bial and GW Pharmacuticals. Further companies may still apply for participation in the SuSIE.
Wednesday - August 15th

Hands-on sessions and workshops are categorized into:

  • ●○○ = basic
  • ●●○ = advanced
  • ●●● = high level
Session 5: Hands-on sessions and workshops
09:00 h I (●○○) J (●●○) K (●○○) L (●●●)
  Reading MRI and finding epileptogenic lesions 4
S. Knake, F. Wörmann
Demarcating epileptogenic lesions on MRI workstations and PACS systems
J. Wellmer
Pediatricians' session: structural and functional imaging in children
S. Schubert-Bast, M. Wagner
BESA: EEG and MEG based electrical source analysis, module 2 3
A. Ebert, S. Rampp
12:00 h Participants case presentations (oral and posters)
13:00 h Lunch
Session 6: Hands-on sessions and workshops
14:00 h M (●○○) N (●○○) O (●○○) P (●●●)
  MRI application work-shop: learn to teach your technicians at home
J. Wellmer, R. Werner, A. Jansen
Adult epilepsy surgery. Decision making process and cases
T. Wehner
Pediatric epilepsy surgery. Decision making process and cases
S. Schubert-Bast, M. Wagner
BESA: EEG and MEG based electrical source analysis, module 3 3
A. Ebert, S. Rampp
17:00 h Assembly of all participants to discuss present and future SuSIE topics and structure, evaluation of the 2018 SuSIE, closing remarks, certificates and farewell

The SuSIE is a meeting point of users, developers and commercial providers of imaging solutions. We receive highly valuable sponsoring which allows to offer SuSIE participation at reasonable fees. The independence of scientific sessions (blue) and SuSIE teaching sessions (green) from the sponsors is nevertheless guaranteed. Workshop and other topics in this program on which sponsors take influence are marked in red.

Industry sponsored session
Scientific session
SuSIE teaching session

The SuSIE workshops intend to be as interactive as possible. Therefore we ask the participants to bring the following hardware and software equipment to the summer school:

  • 1 Workshops C and G (MAP-hub): To make this session as interactive as possible, participants are requested to bring own Windows-Laptop computers with pre-installed MATLAB not older than version R2013a. If required, a 30-day trial license for MATLAB can be obtained via the website of MATHWORKS. Please do this already at home since the local network at the venue might not be sufficiently strong to allow it. In addition, a free USB-port is required to install and run the MAP software during the course.
  • 2 Workshop D (Epilog): For this session, the participants are requested to upload one or two patient cases before the start of the Susie. It is recommended to collect the raw data of your patient (long-term EEG data or HD-EEG data) and a T1 anatomical MR-image. Epilog will process your data before the session and the results will be discussed in group. Please contact, so Epilog can send you all the information required for uploading.
  • 3 Workshops H, L and P (BESA): For this interactive session, participants need to use their own Windows laptop (Win7 or Win10, 64bit). The required programs and the data are installed at the beginning of workshop H. If you do not join workshop H, please visit us at the BESA booth on Monday, August 13th to receive the setup USB stick. Please make sure that one free USB-port and at least 2GB of free memory on disk are available. Note: For the installation of the programs, administrator rights are required. To run the program, user rights are sufficient.
  • 4 Workshop I (finding epileptogenic lesions): Windows laptop including computer mouse (!) for evaluation of digital image data sets (a DICOM-reader will be installed).

Poster Session: Participants are invited to bring posters on own scientific work on imaging (one poster per participant, maximum size DIN A0, upright). Posters will be shown during the whole Summer School.

The SuSIE Forum will provide time for knowledge exchange of attendees, faculty and representatives of providers of imaging solutions. Discussion of: perspectives for the further development of imaging techniques; how patients can get access to imaging-based diagnostics and therapy across different health care systems in Europe.