Registration for SuSIE complete closes in June 2019 - please register now!

You can access the SuSIE via different booking packages. Costs for regular participants (physicians, scientists, neuropsychologists) range from 40€ for single scientific/clinical workshops or the clinical state-of-the-art lecture day, to 250€ to 580€ for the complete SuSIE (depending on selected accommodation modalities). For representatives of companies or guest of partners and sponsors the fees are higher.

RegularPartner's and sponsor's representatives or guests
SuSIE completesingle room *580,00 €900,00 €
shared two bed room *520,00 €820,00 €
w/o accomodation *250,00 €570,00 €
Day-ticketsSunday scientific workshops **40,00 €100,00 €
Clinical state of the art lectures40,00 €100,00 €
SuSIE Telemedicine Symposium **40,00 €100,00 €
Workshops (per workshop, restricted space)40,00 €100,00 €
Innovation Center and Career Fairfreefree
Market Spacefreefree
* These rates include the social evening. If you do not wish to book the social evening, the rate will be reduced by 50€.
** Due to a grant of the German Society for Epileptology, access to the scientific workshops is free for participants up to 35 years of age (this accounts for physicians, scientists, etc., not for representatives of companies).
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