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You can access the SuSIE via different booking packages. Costs for regular participants (physicians, scientists, neuropsychologists) range from 40€ for single scientific/clinical workshops or the clinical state-of-the-art lecture day, to 250€ to 580€ for the complete SuSIE (depending on selected accommodation modalities, including social evening). For representatives of companies or guest of partners and sponsors the fees are higher.

Registration for 'SuSIE complete' and 'Workshop-/Lecture day tickets only' keeps open until the start of the SuSIE (as long as we have capacity left). Registration for SuSIE including accommodation formaly closed on June 30th.

If you wish to book “SuSIE complete” after June 30th, you have the options to search for accommodation anywhere in Bochum (which might complicate the daily travel to and from the SuSIE), or to inquire at, if there are still rooms available.

RegularPartner's and sponsor's representatives or guests
SuSIE complete (including all scientific and clinical workshops and lectures, lunch at the venue and Monday dinner with keynote lecture)
w/o accomodation200,00 €520,00 €
shared two bed room (inquire availability – see above)470,00 €770,00 €
single room (inquire availability – see above)530,00 €850,00 €
Social evening50,00 €50,00 €
Workshop-/Lecture day ticktes only (no accommodation, no dinner with key note lecture, lunch has to be purchased at venue)
Scientific workshops (per workshop) *40,00 €80,00 €
Clinical state-of-the-art lecture day40,00 €80,00 €
Clinical workshops (per workshop)40,00 €80,00 €
* Due to a grant of the German Society for Epileptology, access to the scientific workshops is free for participants up to 35 years of age (this accounts for physicians, scientists, etc., not for representatives of companies).
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